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Marriages are made in heaven..Lets make it real here... May be your prospective match is just few steps away. Start your search here
Kayastha Matrimony
Welcome to Kayastha E-Club
User Rating: / 15
Chitragupta The only social networking site of kayastha community. A   hangout  place for all saxena, srivastava, nigam, kulshreshtha, mathur, bhatnagar and other kayasthas. Site contains many interactive features.
This is a sincere effort to bring all Kayasthas under a common roof in the cyberspace where we have created the Kayastha E-Club. Just get Registered, you will forget orkut or myspace or any other social networking site. It has LOADS of interactive features that will make you the FAN of this site Smile .

1.  You can write scrap to the person in to his/her scrapbook, just like orkut…    
2.  You can do public chat (Shoutbox) also.
3.  You can see the recent visitor list to your profile.
4.  You can decorate you profile just like orkut.
5.  Public forum. You can play games also… just like as in orkut.
6.  Write poem, stories, news (can be anything Composed or compiled).
      You can also rate others articles and others will rate your's.
7.  Online users list, Birthday reminder list.
8.  Search member list and find out your relatives. May be he is living next to you ;).
9.  Listen to Kayastha Radio.
10. Online games for all Gaming FansCool

Please send your horoscope related queries to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  and Swami Munishwaranand Ji will provide you his valuable suggestions free of cost .

Written by Administrator   
Ekayastha's Code of Conduct
User Rating: / 6

The Ekayastha’s Code of Conduct is a proposal to enforce civility on the members by being civil themselves and maintaining a descent behavior on site.


Written by Purvi Srivastava   
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